How to online shopping the right way

Smart Online Shopping: Where you can find your lost money

Online shopping has become more and more common. the reason for that is cost effectiveness. when business does need to manage inventory, their overall risk declines, and, therefore, they can be much more competitive when comparing to a store that needs on top of that pay rent and store maintenance. 

Do NOT buy a new car – cars losses 15%-35% of their value at the first 2 years, you can buy a 4-5-year-old car that has many miles still left in it and look and feel brand new at Half price!!! however buy a new car loses all that value, just say NO!

Trying endlessly to impress your friends and neighbors – did you know that most self-made millionaires are living in normal homes which they own! they have no debt, and living in normal houses, because they know that peer pressure can cause you to spend much more than you need. STOP spending to impress other people, if your friends are that superficial leave them behind, they are NOT your friends, for a matter of fact they are your enemies and they will pull you down to the gutters with them, the same way that a kid is pressured to smoke because his friends call him a coward, where they are the cowards, they are week and they want you to be weak as they are. get away and let them keep digging their own grave alone.

Whatever you can buy second hand, is a huge saving. you can online shoppingfind so many useful things at a second hand shop, the savings on that type of purchases is big, try it you’ll never want to buy new again. 

When online shopping, always compare prices, all the time, for every item that you buy, you will be amazed at the amount of hidden treasure you will find by going the extra mile for yourself.

Eliminate online shopping from your day to day life that pressure you to buy all the time, like the mall, EBay, Amazon, TV and so on. if you will be less exposed to advertising you have better chances to buy much less of the things you don’t need.

Understand online shopping marketing strategies. when it comes to online shopping and how they are constructed to make you buy more of the things you don’t need and want. you got to outsmart the marketing gurus at their own game. and you can do it as long as you understand the rules of the game.

Don’t ever buy lunch outside – if you spend $10-$15 every working day of your life you can save after 30 years at a 4.5% $202,258, if you put your money on bonds that pay 6% you can save: $262,582 and if you’re bold and put it on the index at 7.5% you’ll get: $352,394 so you tell me what do you think you should do?

Always buy from a list at supermarkets – now you got to understand supermarkets are in the selling business, they don’t care what you buy, but they do understand that food has more conversation rate then say clothes or impulse buy. they are doing research all the time to understand why people buy. how they but and, as a result, they put the things in an order that will make you buy more things and more of the expensive things, for example, have you noticed that the milk is very deep in the store, you can’t get in getting milk without being tempted to buy something else. make sure you understand their tricks and avoid them at all cost. they will put the home brand where you need to bend to see because it’s the least profitable for them.

The most expensive foods usually are made in a way that make you addictive by putting in extra sugar or other things that research concluded will make you consume more, and make you want to buy them more! beware of things that have too much sugar – it’s not good for you – as well as all the corn syrups that they put inside that jeopardise your health and your pocket.