Accounting jobs, how to find and overcome the hidden practice:

Accounting jobs and how to find and overcome  the hidden practice:

The Australian Accounting jobs market is ruled by Recruitment agencies like Michael page, Hudson, hays, Robert half and many others.

In order for you to have any chance to gAccounting Jobset into the job market, you must understand a few basic things, such as hidden clues within a job ad that help them eliminate you with no effort at all. 

In a series of articles, I will cover most of the  accounting jobs roles. and try to go line by line over the requirements for a job and explain what does it means so you can better position yourself as a seeker. 

One thing that governs the Australian job market, in general, is the demand for specific Australian experience. Most agencies will demand (if they can) that the candidate will have the same experience and preferably in Australia.

 The main reason for that is the fact that it is very hard to fire someone in Australia. the process is too long and very demanding. this is why many companies will try to find the best fit to a position. 

Another important thing you must know is that most US companies try to conduct the recruitment process by themselves. and as such save a lot of money on recruitment.  

This analysis will be conducted from an accounting point of view, rather than a recruiter point of view. which means I will explain the terms in an accounting manner. 

 So with no further delay let’s move to looking at the ads on a few job seeking website. and try to analyse what each line means to you. and how can you get the right results. 

To sum up:

The Australian accounting job market is the most competitive in Australia. The reason for that is the massive amount of candidates out there from all levels. and the fact that accounting is still an occupation under demand for the skilled migration. (which doesn’t make sense because not all accountants have worked).  The strong demand of students that pay too expensive fees to universities will mean that the accountant position will remain highly competitive for a very long time.