OSB Fitness Requierments

The Fitness Requirements and standards for Officers:

When we are talking about the army fitness, the fitness that the military value, we need to make sure we understand the difference between the army fitness, navy fitness, and air-force fitness. each one has his own requirements. 

In the military day to day operations, fitness is key for success. the reason behind that lies the essence of an army. The military need to be able to operate at the most efficient manner possible.army fitness

In order for it to do that, serving members must be fit and ready to go. the filter the members are the more efficient the military is. 

The military is undertaking a Pre-enlistment appointment (PFA) with known targets to check entrants to be at a minimum level for enlistment.   


Male Requirement: Push-Up: 15    Sit-Up: 45 Shuttle Run: 7.5
Female Requirement: Push-Up: 8  Sit-Up: 45 Shuttle Run: 7.5

Air Force
Male Requirement: 55 years of age or under Push-Ups: 10  Sit-Up: 20  Shuttle Run: 6.5  

Over the age of 55 years: Push-Ups: 5    Sit-Up: 20  Shuttle Run: 6.5                   

Female Requirement: 55 years of age or under Push-Ups: 4 Sit-Up: 20 Shuttle Run: 6.5
Over the age of 55 years: Push-Ups: 3 Sit-Up: 20 Shuttle Run: 6.5

Male Requirement: Push-Ups: 15 Sit-Up: 20 Shuttle Run: 6.1
Female Requirement: Push-Ups: 6 Sit-Up: 20 Shuttle Run: 6.1

Preparation for the test:

You must make sure you prepare upfront for the army fitness test. the best course of action regarding fitness is start early. your goal is to make fitness your habit. make fitness very important part of your life, only like that, you will be prepared on a daily basis. 

Every good fitness programme must be accompanied by a nutrition plan. Nutrition is the fuel that make you go. treat your body like a temple. make sure you only supply healthy food and drinks to your body, that will allow you to maximise your health. restrict yourself to drinking only water, and try to go on a vegetarian diet that will give you the much-needed boost. 

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For conclusion:

The army fitness is designed to make sure the military is ready to go. unlike other organisation, the core of the army is fitness. the fitter the organisations the better it can execute its missions. you must understand the army missions are very challenging, so physical fitness can only carry you so far. you must be ready mentally as well in order to be successful. army fitness was, is and always will be the most important ingredient for military success.  

*** I have used the term army fitness as the main term because this is what the audience is looking in google, but it means military fitness. ***