Sales tactics that online retailers use to make you buy Now!

Sales tactics:

How does the Big e-commerce website like amazon, eBay and Alibaba are performing smart sales tactics? they are trying to make you buy more, and make you spend more on an overall purchase? 
sales tactics

By looking closer to the overall website at the time of sales, there is one thing that is clear to all visitors to those websites: the use of “speed deals” – sales tactics – which means in their language: Buy now or forever regret it, why? because this deal will never come again. 

So by presenting the products as such, they are turning each and every one of us to a compulsive buyer. buyers that feel as if they have something to lose by not buying. The way you can spot those sales tactics is this wording: “only today”; up to x% discount”; “amazing deal” and visual aids.

When you turn into a compulsive buyer, you are driven by an urge (physical urge), to buy, and to take advantage of the discount. your judgment is compromised by the need to take advantage of the amazing deal. you see a discount must be examined if it’s good or bad. You must assess all the ingredients to get the right decision. 

Buyers that are under the impression that it is a deal just for today will be declined to buy, rather than browse. And the product gets good points just because it’s on “sale”, and not because we have evaluated it’s merited. 

How can you overcome this lack of awareness to the overall transaction:

  1. Make sure you compare prices before any transaction, no matter what is the temptation.
  2. Do not buy on your first visit to the website – Leave the item in your saved and take 2 hours to do something else. a good deal will be a good deal after 2 hours.
  3. Make sure you check everything about the product: it’s specifications, reviews, model, year of manufacturing and so on.
  4. Buy one item at a time, it will allow your brain to think it over.

What are the tactics they use:

  • Using a brand name for sales day – it makes our decision easier, because the group of buyers buy together, therefore the risk for the individual is reduced dramatically.
  • Advertising the “group buy” – when we buy, and we see many bought the same item, we feel as if it’s a good buy – it’s called: “the wisdom of crowds” 
  • The feeling of urgency – only today, 3 hours left and so on, create the feeling of fear of losing. 

To sum up:

Make sure that before you buy anything, you really need the product as opposed to wanting the product. the marketing community is focused on wants, not needs because there are much fewer things we need when comparing to the world of wants.