A change to Global Strategy and Leadership

A change to Global Strategy and Leadership

This upcoming semester will be the last one that you can take Global Strategy global strategy in the old format. The change in format means that you need to be extremely proficient with the material. you must be able to answer questions very fast. and you will be needing to know how to analyse a case systematically.

I will run a series of articles to explain the material and how to analyse a case. using this information you can better prepare and get a better overall score on your test.

The change:

“The exam will continue to include multiple choice questions. based on the subject content. as well as written response questions. based on case studies and the subject study materials. However, instead of receiving case studies in advance. candidates will be provided with shorter case studies contained in the exam.

The case studies will be shorter than. and will be easily read and understood. all this within the existing exam time available.”

What does it mean for you? 

Well, you will have to know how to analyse a case study. how to do that perfectly. and how to frame yourself to the point. 

I will try in this section to help you go step by step. based on 20 years experience. based on many strategy books. based on MBA level courses. all to find the best way to help you pass the test. and the only difference. I’m going to use the student point of view. what trouble students. not what’s the best teaching way. the focus is on what the student value.


Do stay connected to this series of articles. it will guide you step by step to the passing score. You will learn all the important concepts. you will be thought how to target your answers. you will find all the information here vert valuable.

So make sure you visit this pages often, they are made for you the CPA Australia student.