Global Strategy topics what you must master

Global Strategy table of content:

In this series of articles, I’ll cover all the important Global Global Strategy topicsStrategy topics needed to master. if you are to be successful at passing the GSL test. 

I will go in length on all the Global Strategy topics that are critical to your success. it will be explained the right way. not the theoretical (and boring) way. 

Global Strategy topics – the problem explained:

If you’ll try to use the CPA Australia manual by itself, it’s going to be very hard for you to succeed. the reason for that is the way it is written.

CPA Australia made it a “flat” guide. one that uses examples more than 6 years ago. not relevant, and very “old”.

if you want to understand a topic you must go to the original author to have any chance at getting it. the writers here leap-frogged and did not explain anything. they assume that you have the relevant knowledge. usually, this is wrong when asking accountants with regards to strategy. accountants usually focus on the information that is relevant for they day to day work. global strategy is not one of them. 

The fact that CPA Australia thinks that you are using strategy for the day to day is unrealistic at best. Most accountants focus on the accounting data. the strategy level of knowledge is needed for very few accountants. this is why most CPA Australia is doing a flat analysis. not an advanced MBA-level analysis. they don’t get the overall picture. and their major focus is on the service analysis. which in the real world is useless. 

I will teach you strategy the right way. the way that you not only can understand the topic but use it. and that you will not get from just reading the manual. when the new GSL exam will come to affect next semester you will need this information to succeed. 

Global Strategy topics

  1. Strategy framework – what you need to cover to have a very good analysis.
  2. What are the methods to analyse a strategy
  3. Defining your industry to be analysed. 
  4. The external environment analysis based on PESTLE.
  5. The close environment analysis based on porter’s 5 forces.
  6. More topics will be added soon…..