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Welcome to my BAS & Bookkeeping blog about Bookkeeping Service. in this blog I will talk about all you need to know regarding Bookkeeping Service and BAS Service. how to become a BAS Agent? how to excel in Bookkeeping? where to go in order to find the right information that will educate you as a bookkeeper? I will teach you the reader how to improve your position and where can you go from being a Bookkeeping & BAS Agent to become the private adviser of the CEO.

One of my first task on this blog regarding Bookkeeping & BAS isBookkeeping Service to review all the positions available in the accounting industry, how to understand the requirement of each position, and how to address it in your CV, as I assume most of you out there just want to find a position in account or Bookkeeping and to grow from there. 

Another main task I will be covering in this blog is the path to becoming a BAS Agent. what do you need to know? what are your options regarding education? how to choose the right education organisation? what experience you need and how to get it, and how to construct your documents that they will be TPB compliant.

Bookkeeping is not just a dual office work, if you will dive deep into the core of the bookkeeping profession, you may find many things that will surprise you, like the fact that bookkeeper is the first to know about any company operation (even before the accountant, as he only comes last in the cycle). 

So please join me here from time to time and learn new and exciting things you the bookkeeper will achieve in your career, where will ambition take you and how important are you to the company. 

How Bookkeepers and Accountants should use their time

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Time management for Bookkeepers and Accountants: The way in which you manage your time will determine your overall efficiency. Time management will influence your ability to outperform your peers, and, therefore, will decide the level...

The Bookkeeper of the future

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Bookkeeping Australia, The Future how will it look like ? When looking into the future of how the bookkeeping Australia profession will look like? what will be the skilled required by a bookkeeper? will we be...

Sydney bookkeeper

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Why Become a Bookkeeper in Sydney? Like in all professions, the starting point is the reason why you want to become a Sydney bookkeeper? The main reason for that is when you establish a strong...

business activity statement

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What is business activity statement? BAS – Business Activity Statement is a report that summarizes the financial business activity of a business for a  period of time set by the ATO.  The taxation system is...

What is Bookkeeping

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What is Bookkeeping? Bookkeeping services are as vital and essential for the business as the day to day business operations. from small independent businesses to large and complex organisations, Bookkeeping services include a wealth of components. it is...