Global strategy Format main page

Global strategy format main page Intreduction: The global strategy format In the upcoming test is changing. CPA Oz is going to abandon the old way completely. the way where you pre see the cases, analyse them and then guessing what the question ought to be. and answer those question hoping that the writers thought the same as you….


Global Strategy important notes

Global Strategy important notes Global Strategy important notes that will help you focus your learning to the point: You must understand the material in a way that you do not need to look at the model notes. when answering you must be able to answer without going back and forward to the manual. Time management is…


Global Strategy topics what you must master

Global Strategy table of content: In this series of articles, I’ll cover all the important Global Strategy topics needed to master. if you are to be successful at passing the GSL test.  I will go in length on all the Global Strategy topics that are critical to your success. it will be explained the right way. not…


A change to Global Strategy and Leadership

A change to Global Strategy and Leadership This upcoming semester will be the last one that you can take global strategy in the old format. The change in format means that you need to be extremely proficient with the material. you must be able to answer questions very fast. and you will be needing to know how to…


How to perform a health check

Health check introduction:  Health check, unlike what Accountants and bookkeepers want you to believe is NOT a series of questions. it is not a series of checks that focus on what you think about your business. you will be asked questions that no one can answer. like: where are you now? what do you want…


Black Friday deals guide 2016

Black Friday deals guide 2016 Black Friday was first pronounced in the early twenties. it was the first day that the retailers went from being in the red to being in the black. and therefore: Black Friday. This day for many years became the most important day of the year. as it pointed the time for many families…


Catch Of The Day review

Catch Of The Day review: This is the most comprehensive review about the website Catch Of The Day. my aim is to first make you understand what is the process you go through when you buy and how to slow this process. but not only that, you must see beyond good graphics. you must be able to resist…


small business service based operation

How to manage a small business service based? Starting your own professional small business service based on your occupation. it is a bit different from having a product to sell. a service based small business is focused on you. what you can create almost by yourself. most small businesses take the time to gain momentum. the…


How to prepare and deliver the oral presentation

Presentation preparation step by step guide: This part of the OSB, the oral presentation must be the strongest part of the day. alongside with the panel interview. these two segments must be excelled. the reason for that is the time given to prepare. if you are given time to prepare, use it wisely. your aim is…