small business service based operation

How to manage a small business service based? Starting your own professional small business service based on your occupation. it is a bit different from having a product to sell. a service based small business is focused on you. what you can create almost by yourself. most small businesses take the time to gain momentum. the…


How to prepare and deliver the oral presentation

Presentation preparation step by step guide: This part of the OSB, the oral presentation must be the strongest part of the day. alongside with the panel interview. these two segments must be excelled. the reason for that is the time given to prepare. if you are given time to prepare, use it wisely. your aim is…


Binary Options what they “forget” to tell you

Binary Options: What is Binary Options? Binary Options are options like any other options, but the difference is your chance or risk to make or lose 70% on your investment. we are talking about a very dangerous method of investment. the option can in percentages cause you significant losses. you must understand, when you invest in stocks…


How to really fulfill your New year resolution

New year resolution  for 2016 analyzed: According to Westpac survey, the Australian public new year resolution for the upcoming year is to save $11,234 for the upcoming year. the reasons to save change from person to person. there are many goals setting programs out there from different authors, from Jim Rohn to bob proctor, but the…


The cost of living in Sydney Australia

What is The cost of living in Sydney Australia? So you have decided to move to Australia and chosen to make Sydney your new home. well, I want to congratulate you on your good taste, and fun way of living. but I must share with you one very important question I get from new arrivals,…


OSB Group Dynamics Strategy and tactics to excel

Group Dynamics: Group Dynamics explained: this task is designed to enable the OSB Group Dynamics panel to check how people interact in a group. What a candidate is doing in a group discussion. is he silent? is he interrupting? too bossy? is he contributing to the discussion?  The OSB Group Dynamics will be conducted before…


OSB Fitness Requierments

The Fitness Requirements and standards for Officers: When we are talking about the army fitness, the fitness that the military value, we need to make sure we understand the difference between the army fitness, navy fitness, and air-force fitness. each one has his own requirements.  In the military day to day operations, fitness is key for success….