How to pass the ARMY/NAVY/AIR OFFICER SELECTION BOARD So you have decided to become an officer in the ADF (Australian defence forces). I would like firstly to congratulate you on your courage, leadership, and vision.  The process of becoming an officer in the ADF is long but very rewarding both mentally and Financially. Before we start…


Small business accounting software

How to choose small business accounting software?  The technology age has brought to us many things among a few are new cars, new smartphones and a new way to manage your business transaction by introducing small business accounting software. As a result, we are in a constant change to get more efficient, to get better results and…


Applying for a bookkeeping job

bookkeeping job market in Sydney Australia? What is bookkeeping? In order for you to find a bookkeeping job. you first must understand what bookkeeping is. Bookkeeping is the process of recording business transactions in the journals and ledgers of the business.  What are the basic skills needed from a bookkeeper in Australia? Here are the skills that…


Scam Email transcripts

Scam Email: learn the pattern of hackers This is a transcript of a scam E-mail, this version has been sent to me many times in the past, and I will keep on putting more transcripts in the future so you will be warned about them upfront. the key is to always be one step ahead…


To UBER or no to UBER?

UBER car service: To UBER or not to UBER?  introduction So you have decided that you want to make some extra cash by becoming a UBER car service driver. before we will try to understand all the financial implications that’re involve in becoming a UBER car service driver, let’s first understand what is it all about….


Online security for accountants and bookkeepers

Online security find out all you need to know: As we move away from the offline world (the usage of hard copy invoices) and moving towards the online world (the usage of email, cloud accounting, online storage and so on), we should take into account the dangers that are very common in the day to day…