So you have decided to become an officer in the ADF (Australian defence forces). I would like firstly to congratulate you on your courage, leadership, and vision. 

The process of becoming an officer in the ADF is long but very rewarding both mentally and Financially.

Before we start I want to tell you I’m going to focus on the air force OSB, but the process is the same for all OSB. everyone will be able to benefit from this very valuable lesson reading and applying this article.


Establishing motivation for the ADF OSB:

Before we will dive into the process, we need first to establish the “why”. why do you want to become an officer in the ADF? you see, if you will have a very strong “why” in your mind it will take you so much closer to actually getting what you want, and that is becoming an officer.

in other words, we need to make sure we have a very strong motivation to join, and we can show this at every step of the way. 

As a member of the ADF, you will have mostly obligations. these obligations are not negotiable, so motivation is the fuel that will help you carry the following work assignments:

  • Operational Service – you may be deployed near a war zone, as the ADF see fit. you must accept that and be ready for that at every stage of the evaluation process. 
  • Sea Service – if you going for the navy OSB you must be ready to serve at sea. 
  • Defence Force Discipline Act – ADF personnel are subject to military law. this means in practice that you have all the obligation of a common citizen and on top of that strict guideline that must be carried out by you, to enforce the discipline needed to run an army.
  • Unrestricted Service – this is a major factor. Australia does not have any wars (at the moment) and most activities are done overseas to preserve world peace. so you may be allocated anywhere in the world. 
  • Initial Minimum Period of Service (IMPS) – every occupation has it’s own, and you must agree to it up front. 
  • Postings and Deployments – this means that you may be needing to move several times during your service, as the ADF see fit.
  • Medical and Physical Fitness – Medical fitness is a fundamental requirement for entry, so make sure you are fit and healthy. (by the way, this is recommended as a life practice). 
  • Dress and Grooming Standards – in the ADF you are required to lead by example, so external appearance is basic for entry. 
  • Body Embellishment restrictions – no tattoos, branding, piercing, earlobe stretching, bead
    implantation and any other form of body modification are permitted.
  • Police and Security Checks – you will be checked. there is no place for people with a bad attitude in the ADF.  
  • Pre-entry Medical Examination – you will be checked to make sure you are fit to serve.
  • Drugs – there is zero tolerance to drugs.

Here is what you are going to get from becoming an officer:

  • A very competitive salary – these amounts are posted on the ADF website. 
  • Accommodation Assistance – some members (not all) will be entitled to accommodation assistance.
  • Medical and Dental Treatment – you will get full service to make sure you are in tip-top shape. 
  • Leave Travel for Trainees – some will be eligible for free trips back to their place of home, depending conditions.
  • Annual Leave Free Travel – the ADF will give you fairs of public transport to the place of your home to undertake your annual leave.
  • Long Service Leave – can be taken after 10 years of service, you accumulate 9 days per year.  

Here are the step needed in order to become an officer in the ADF:

Step #1 – You sessionRead more

Step #2 – OSB – Officer selection board:

  1. Assessment tasks and group exercise preparation – Read more
  2. Individual oral presentations preparation – Read more
  3. Individual interviews preparation – Read more

Step #3 – OSB – Fitness test:

Fitness requirement and preparation – Read more

Step #4 – OSB – letter of acceptance