YOU session: all you need to know to past with flying colors

You session:

You session is the preliminary stage for all entries to the ADF. in order for you to be able to go for an officer role you must score a certain score.

The session consist of the following examination:

  1. An aptitude test part 1: consist of 75 questions that test general questions – you have 30 minutes to finish;
  2. An aptitude test part 2: consist of 25 math questions – you have 12 minutes to finish.
  3. Short medical test – both a questionnaire & physical test – eye and general test – BMI test.
  4. Career counselor from the relevant division: ARMY/NAVY/AIR FORCE
  1. The aptitude test – part 1 – consist of general knowledge, a part about the English Language and an IQ test. the best way to overcome this is by practicing aptitude tests. the more you practice the better the result. most of the questions are easy, but only if you have seen how they look like beforehand. so go to the local library and read about it, there are special books. you will be asked to write 250 words essay – on why you have applied – prepare this upfront so it will be easy for you to do this part. 
  2. Part 2 consist of many different math questions:
  • Series,
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Money questions,
  • Calculus;
  • Basic algebra;
  • Four operations;
  • Problems.
you session
The key to overcoming this part of the test is elimination. you must be able, at some questions to eliminate the obviously wrong answers and make an informed guess.
Another key is focus and concentration – do not look to the sides, focus only on what you do. if you are prepared you’ll do fine.
The more prepared you are the easier it will feel, so make sure you have done aptitude tests before coming. 

The YOU session day:

There is a long wait because there are many candidates and they all need to undergo the same process, so make sure you are relaxed and prepared for a long day, mainly waiting

make sure that you create a positive impression all day long. the first thing is to arrive early because being late to a military is definitely not recommended. make sure you have all your forms with you – filled and ready to be handed over. make sure you have an id – they will take it from you and you only going to get it back at the end of the day. 

The first part of the day is seeing the nurse – this is a long wait for a 5 minutes examination. you will fill a form with medical questions – make sure you write only the truth here. 

After that, there is a session with a military personal. he will give a short presentation about the process and about his own experience with the ADF. 

After that, you go back to the waiting room and wait for the aptitude test.  

When you are called to take the aptitude test – a group of candidates will be called together, and the instructor will tell each person which cubical he needs to sit at. you will see your name on the computer screen when you sit down at the right place. 

After completing the two parts test, and essay, you will go to the waiting room and wait the final part of the nurse session and the interview with your HR choice of place (navy/army/air force). 

When you will be called to the interview, you will be given your test score with all the option available to you as a result of your aptitude test. if you have done well, all you need to say is in what position you want to serve and ask questions about it. this part is not really an interview, it’s just a way to know you and for you to get some tips on how to prepare for the next step. 

After that part, you will get into the nurse office, and she will ask you a few questions, and a quick eye test, and back you go to the waiting room. 

You will wait to be called and this resumes your YOU session. 

 How to pass the “you” session general advice:

  1. Make sure you are prepared for the tests.
  2. Make sure you are on time. it shows you are a very motivated person.
  3. Make sure you have all your paperwork with you, and you have filled them correctly.
  4. Dress for an interview. wear a business shirt and pants ( the suit is for the next step).
  5. Groom the same way you would as if you have been an officer/soldier in the military.
  6. Make sure you know about the role you are after, this is only in general because you will be tested on this in later stages.

Good luck to all the candidates.