How to prepare and deliver the oral presentation

Presentation preparation step by step guide:presentation

This part of the OSB, the oral presentation must be the strongest part of the day. alongside with the panel interview. these two segments must be excelled. the reason for that is the time given to prepare. if you are given time to prepare, use it wisely. your aim is not only to show that you can present the relevant topic. your goal is to show that you can prepare for it.

How to conduct a good presentation:

  • Frame what you want to pass to your audience. the frame will act as a barrier for your topic. it will help you focus on the main topic.
  • The best option for you is taking your audience for a step by step guide. this way the audience can predict what comes next. and they anticipate you taking them all the way, from start to finish. this way you do not lose their attention.
  • The start of your presentation is key. you must grab attention with compelling 1-2 sentences. this way you know that they are onboard. if you can’t do that right from the start you will struggle all the way.
  • If you can explain about the topic. why you Identify with the topic. and able to convince the audience about your sincerity. then you are half way there.
  • Examples are key for success. if you can demonstrate with real world examples. your ideas will come to live. focus only on the ideas you can example. this way you gain credibility.
  • Focus on being unique. try to separate yourself from your competitors. the more unique you are the better is the impression you make on the board.

How to deliver the presentation:

At the OSB, you are allowed to use cue-cards. but using them will just lose you valuable time. plan to memorize your entire presentation. this is the best way to go. it shows your dedication. it shows you can prepare. but more than that it shows intelligence. and the ADF need intelligent people in command. but make sure you understand it takes more time. make sure you read all the instruction you been given. make sure you understand your topic. the time frame. do you need to answer questions or not.             

On stage, you must be cool. don’t move from side to side. or from one leg to the other. it will make you look weak. just go for the frozen lower body. 

Eye contact is very important. looking up at your audience will give you credibility.

Stay come at all time. try walking your nerves out. try some body stretches, it will make you feel more relaxed.             

How to build your presentation:            

ypresentationour presentation should be built in a way that makes sense. it should have an opening. it should have a body. it should have a closing segment. in between you must have connectors to link the segments. your content is key for the presentation. if you will have good content, you’ll do great. because you will be interesting and intelligent.  

I will now give my presentation as an example. and I’ll go with you and explain each segment. this is done so you will be able to duplicate the process. and overall get outstanding results.

The presentation outline explanation – see at the bottom the script:

The introduction – this is the most important part. this part will dictate the rest of your presentation. in this part, we must grab the audience attention. this is done but a very interesting opening. or by saying something unexpected. here I have challenged myself. the OSB must listen carefully because I have put a question mark on my motivation. this is how I drew attention.     

After the introduction, we must add a link. a link will help the transition. it helped me move to the first main point of the presentation. and I used it to get even more attention. by focusing the audience to the next point. I have asked a question. now I’m going to answer it. the fact that I have emphasized it draws attention.          

The next step is to tackle the first point. another smart question. more attention. because people always want to know both the question and it answers. use outside example to make an even stronger point. use quotes of something powerful.    

After that a link. again making sense between two topics. because of lack of time only short one. the link here mast not be repetitive.    

The next main point. again a quote is powerful. it gives you credibility. it projects you as a smart person. it gives you a great push. use it only if it’s relevant. make sure you explain when needed. make sure that your research is good. here I have used a different term to explain the term used by the military. showing that, I have put much work into the task. it shows that I can use different terms to explain the core values of the ADF.        

After that a link. this link again short. and moves the audience to the end part. the link must flow with your main points of the presentation.          

The summary part is crucial. here you must finish strong. in order to do that, you must think of a very strong finish. you are given a chance to show wisdom. use it to your advantage. I have used a quote that complements my style of writing. different people will use different words. but the main thing is to show you can finish strong. as you can see from my outline. I have used the topic and finished very strong. the quote complements the core values of the ADF. and overall it shows that I understand the position magnitude.       

  • You might be asked questions regarding your presantation after you have finished undertaking it. sometime they will point out to the time spent, sometime they will ask you regarding the content of your presantation, so make sure you’re up for the task and have strong answers down your sleave.          

The presentation outline:

Introduction:Why would a person leave his daily routine, an easy going pace, a "no worries" mentality and trade all of that for a life of discipline, order, Commitment, dedication, Physical and mental demand, Sacrifice? Why would anyone do that?
LinkThe answer to this question is, in fact, the same answer to the question and first topic of this presentation: Why are you applying for a position of an officer in the RAAF?
First main pointIn life, success is the process of becoming. A major question we must ask on the job is: what am I becoming here?  (Now many people are too occupied with the wrong question (major in minor things) which is - what am I getting here – what is my compensation) you see the value is in the becoming and not in the getting.
 (so let’s go ahead and ask) What I’ll become in the RAAF? What kind of a person I’ll become as a result of advancing to an Officer status? What skills I’ll have to acquire in order to become a leader in the military? 

In order to answer those questions I want to quote Zig Ziglar: (in his book “how to stay motivated”) when he asked: do you know how many US presidents served in the military?  31 out of 44, 70%, why is that important to mention? Because in the military you learn: discipline; decisiveness; excellence, respect, teamwork, persistence, focus, organisation, direction. (Now what would those qualities do for you?)

These qualities will make you a better person, a better leader and will make you successful in life, Clearly all the things that worth fighting for.

And that, of course, is my reason for wanting to join the air force, becoming that person of quality. 
LinkNow let’s move on to the next topic of this presentation: integrity and assuming responsibility and their importance for officers in the RAAF.
Second main point

Integrity, best described by a little story about Gandhi: A mother once brought her child to him, asking him to tell the young boy not to eat sugar, because it was not good for his diet or his developing teeth. Gandhi replied, “I cannot tell him that. But you may bring him back in a month.” The mother was angry as Gandhi moved on, brushing her aside. She had travelled some distance and had expected the mighty leader to support her parenting. She had little recourse, so she left for her home. One month later she returned, not knowing what to expect. The great Gandhi took the small child’s hands into his own, knelt before him, and tenderly communicated, “Do not eat sugar, my child. It is not good for you.” Then he embraced him and returned the boy to his mother. The mother, grateful but perplexed, queried, “Why didn’t you say that a month ago?” “Well,” said Gandhi, “a month ago, I was still eating sugar.”

 And that’s the essence of integrity - The quality or state of being complete or undivided
 But, why is it an important quality for an officer in the RAAF? Because an officer is expected to be trustworthy, honest and to set a good example based on the values of the RAAF. Furthermore:

Today we often see’s political leaders, corporate leaders and military leaders that act without sound ethics, this failure create a belief that the country from which they come from is unethical and corrupted. A good example is the Enron scandal in 2001, many people all over the world felt that corporate America is corrupted, one-bed apple reflected on the entire case!

Lack of integrity will lead to a lack of respect, dedication and commitment of followers; it may lead to the retirement of soldiers.

Integrity is in the core essence of the military, it must be maintained at all cost.    
Linkand now let’s move on to the second term:

Assuming responsibility, or the term used by John Izzo Ph.D. - Stepping up. Stepping up is the simple act of seeing a need and deciding that you are the right person to do something about it.

Responsibility changes everything. The moment we decide that we are the ones who are capable of and responsible for changing things everything shifts. Seeing ourselves as responsible and powerful to change things is a game changer in the deepest sense.

The moment we focus on what we can change instead of what others must do, everything changes. .When you look in the mirror; suddenly you have the power to do something, and that power to change is crucial for officers who are expected to lead.
LinkTo summarise my presentation: I’ll quote Brian Tracy: when he said:
CONCLUSIONIn life, it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from. All that matters is where you’re going. You cannot change the past but you can change the future by changing your actions today. And one of the most important things you think about with regard to the future is the person you want to be, a week, a month, a year and five years from now.