Catch Of The Day review

Catch Of The Day review:

This is the most comprehensive review about the website Catch Of The Day. my aim is to first make you understand what is the process you go through when you buy and how to slow this process. but not only that, you must see beyond good graphics. you must be able to resist temptations and focus on what’s matters the most in your financial management undertaking.   

When you go to websites that focus solely on selling your mindset must be: I’m not here to buy. yes, it does sound strange when I put it this way, but think about it. these websites will use every sales trick in the book to make you buy again and again, and the only way you can protect yourself from buying things you do not need is a mindset of not here to buy. I’m just browsing. Make them convince you it is a deal worth your hard earned cash. make them come up with the best deals ever. why? because you only need to depart from your hard earned cash for something extradentary. 

Catch Of The Day the good things:

First, let’s start with what they do right. after all, they must be doing something right to have a million buys every month.  

  • The website is very clear to read, you can understand about the products you’re after and the excellent graphics work gives a very good representation of the product you buy. they use good size pictures with the right size of models to enhance the sale experience.
  • Another good thing that they do is helping the customer as if he has a personal sale assistant. 
  • when you get into a sale page it’s easy to narrow to fit your personal choice. you may use gender size or color to make sure you are only looking at your personal preferences. 
  • When you are inside your chosen product, you get a brief overview about why to buy. specification and estimated time of delivery. this is done to reduce objection and bad reviews in the after the sale process. if you know how long it takes to get your way, chances are you won’t complain about it. sometimes you really ask to be sold. so getting the “why” to buy, and about the brand help reduces objections that might surface from time to time. 
  • One big advantage of this website over its competitors is the fact that they do not demand email registration.  
  • Every product has a magnifying glass. it allows you to “feel” the product with your eyes. and by doing so it will reduce your objection to the sale.
  • Another good Feature is the search box. this allows you to search for a running sale of something you are after.     

Catch Of The Day sales tactics explained:

Catch of the day is a website which focuses on sales. and not only sales but sales of a product that fall under the definition of “wants”. wants mean something we want, much different from something we need like food. the owners understand that quite well. as a result, this website uses every sales tactic at its disposal, to make you the visitor. buy and buy more of the things you don’t need. you must understand all these tactics so you’ll be able to make a smart buying decision. 

Catch Of The Day sales tricks #1

Catch Of The Day

This is a way used by sale people to make you buy more. a lot of buyers goes via a process when they buy something. but when you have decided you have some sort of a relief. this is the time when your guard is down, and you are more inclined to buy more because you feel better about yourself. 

You need to be alert and make sure you understand that every item need your 100% attention so you’ll make the right decision. 

Catch Of The Day sales tricks #2

Catch Of The Day

This bar is at the top of the page to make you feel relaxed and off your guard. according to research sales people have done, there are some things which much more important than others to the average buyers. as you can see rating is important. customer service is very important. fast delivery is high on buyers list. and the fact that you feel safer when you see more and more people used the platform before you.

Your job is to ignore all of that and focus on your basics. the best way is to assume most websites will have the same safeguards to protect you when you buy online.  

Catch Of The Day sales tricks #3

Catch Of The Day

As you can see this running slideshow is designed to make you feel better when using the website. a research as been conducted which found that we feel more inclined to buy if we see someone else bought the same item from the same store. it takes our fears away and makes us close the deal faster. as you can see they do not focus on one item.

Your goal is to focus on what you need to check before buying. ignore this slideshow, it sole purpose is to take you off your game.  

Catch Of The Day sales tricks #4Catch Of The Day

Rating is a new pitcher designed to create buyer confidence. it will allow you the buyer to get virtual friends that will try passively convince you to buy. as you can see the website will show you good reviews as a default. when a website focuses on that, I’m a bit subspecies. these people write their opinion, but do you think the website will show you very negative reviews?

Your goal is to only read the bad review. the reason for that is they are the most relevant to you. you need to know about all the things that can go bad as you expect the product to be good. therefore, good reviews don’t give you any supporting data.

Catch Of The Day sales tricks #5

Catch Of The Day

A timer is a way to make you feel as if you have something to lose. when websites use these tactics they want you to feel as if not making a decision you have something to lose. just next to it, they show you the “lucky winners” who made the “right decision” and bought the item. when done together they put the buyer in even more pressure to buy.  

My advice to you based on watching this site for more than a year: all deals will come and go over and over again, with the same graphics, but sadly with the same prices as well. (try to check it for yourself). so ignore the timer don’t base your decision on what other people have done. you are unique. and as such your decision should take your personal situation, and only that in mind.  

Catch Of The Day sales tricks #6catch Of The Day

Make sure you understand that “up to” means anything between 70% on the good side for the buyer to 1% which is no discount at all. 

whenever you see this kind of sign just ignore it, and check for yourself. what is the real discount? use outside websites to get a more reliable opinion. make sure you use a website that you trust. try to use Ebay to compare prices, it’s very reliable.

For conclusion:

With compared to other sales websites, this site is good and very useable. the fact that they don’t force you to sign with an email account is second to none. and the graphics and customer service is quite good. But remember, they are not your friends. they want your money. they went a long way so you will feel comfortable spending money on things you don’t need. don’t be a compulsive buyer. think before you buy anything on the net. always ask yourself: what will I do with this product in 3 months? in 1 year? ask hard questions if you want to be money smart.