Global Strategy important notes

Global Strategy important notes

Global Strategy important notes that will help you focus your learning to the point:

  • You must understand the material in a way that you do not need to look at the model notes. when answering you must be able to answer without going back and forward to the manual.
  • Time management is crucial for this exam. there is no time to write scrolls. your aim is to know when to move on.
  • prepare your time management based on the points given to each question.Global Strategy important notes
  • You must monitor time in the exam. this is a very important part of these: Global Strategy important notes article advise.
  • Your responses to written questions must be clear and to the point.
  • No marks are deducted for spelling, grammar.
  • Use only the case data to answer the questions. even if you know the data does not make any sense in reality.
  • you need to be able to analyse case facts in the context of the models. but make sure you reach a conclusion. it’s good or it’s bad for the company.
  • a short and to the point is better. long and very hard to understand is no good.
  • the pre-seen case is not the questions. the questions are more focused than the cases.
  • Show logic structure. organisations of ideas.  and make sure you arrive at a conclusion. with a conclusion, you get the most points.
  • make sure you are able to convince the reader. what you are trying to say is clear from your argument.
  • your ability to answer the question clearly means you understand the material.

What you can’t do – Global Strategy important notes:

  • use your own criteria for answering questions.Global Strategy important notes
  • Use information outside the case.
  • using all models when only part of a model needed.
  • conclusions that doesn’t follow the logic of the answer.
  • answers that does not follow any logic.
  • writing a lot instead of to the point.

Key Points – Global Strategy important notes:

  • You must state what the analysis mean.
  • Putting a lot of time to analyse the pre-seen cases. that will be the foundations for your exam responses.
  • You are tested on your ability to draw a meaning from the analysis. 
  • sometimes you won’t be able to use all model from A-Z. just parts will be relevant. just make sure all the components are used to make conclusions. 
  • It should be easy to understand from your answer if the impact is positive or negative.