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The global strategy format In the upcoming test is changing. CPA Oz is going to abandon the old way completely. the way where you pre see the cases, analyse them and then guessing what the question ought to be. and answer those question hoping that the writers thought the same as you.

The new format will demand the student to “think on his feet” while using a perfect understanding of the subject topics, so he can read cases fast, understand what those cases talk about with regards to global strategy, and how to analyse those cases in a way that show knowledge mastery.

Needless to say, the global strategy format demands much more of the student and may cause distress to some, as a result of on the spot demands that the new module expects the student to master.

How does it feel to handle unseen case study in the test – based on the new global strategy format?

The answer is: it depends. at the end of the day, it all comes down to the level of preparation the student took to make sure he understands the module. 

My first feeling was of a shock, this case is not long but still how do you read it? fast or slow? how many times? do you read the questions first or the case first? the overall feeling was that there is no one good answer. don’t get me wrong the cases were for the most part of it very easy in term of the level of complexity but was it a catch? maybe I was missing something? and that is the real problem with on the spot analysis, the fact that you can’t know the level needed of you to succeed.  

The main demand here is a quality reading for analytic writing. (I will elaborate regarding that in a separate article). but generally, it means: reading for analysis, not just understanding.    

The only problem is how do you do it. after all, in the exam, you are under a lot of stress. time is scared. it’s much different to the way you could read the cases 20 times. and understand it better after every reading.    

In the next articles, I will try to explain how in my opinion the student need to get ready for unseen case studies in a way that will enable him to succeed.  

The explanation will help students not just for this topic. I will give some useful tips for learning in general as well.

The suggested method in this guide:

The main focus would be explaining the main topics. it will enable the student to tackle the new global strategy format and be better prepared for the due day. moreover, I will point you to the place where most students get it wrong. the explanation will be an MBA level. which means it will be very informative. and such that will enable you to get to the analytical level needed to answer case study questions.

For conclusion:

The ability to understand the way in which corporations build road maps for success. a road map that will point the way from start to success is very important for CPA‘s. the reason for that is that they take part at every stage. as auditors, and CFO’s they must support that process.

Without the much-needed understanding of this process. it would be very difficult for accountants, both supporting the decision making and the plan. because a strategy is focused on the long term. and if you don’t understand how a plan unfolds, you might not give it the support it needs.

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