BAS Logement

BAS Logement Basics:

BAS LogementBAS Logement on your own is an easy task that most business people in today’s information age can do. but sometimes your undevoted attentions go to your business, your employees, your product, that gives you little time to focus on BAS Logement the right way. when I was a senior at EY one of the major chains CEO told me: “it’s not that we don’t want to pay attention to the ATO needs, it’s just that we have to look to the future, whereas you are making the reports based on the past, and that is the big issue, BAS is a report about things that happened in the past, and no one in today’s fast business world want to focus on. so this is always a good idea to allow someone else to make sure you are lodging on time, and your attention will be focused on the future results, because the dollars earned today are not the same as the dollars of the future, and we need to fight for those dollars from scratch. 

BAS Logement & Preparation service includes the following elements:

  • Strategic General ledger assembly to meet your specific business operation and enhance your BAS lodgement;
  • All aspects involved in the preparing, reviewing auditing and submitting your business activity statement;
  • All aspects involved in the preparing, reviewing, auditing and submitting your Installment Activity Statement;
  • Ascertaining the withholding obligations for the employees of a client, including the preparation of payment summaries.  
  • Representing you our client when dealing with the ATO in relation to a BAS lodgement provisions;
  • Working out or advising about the liabilities, obligations or entitlements of our loyal clients under a Business Activity Statement provision. Fiso Financial Solutions provide high-quality service. In addition, we provide Bookkeeping Services and general Bookkeeping and Accounting.