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Here I will try to find the most interesting Business news Highlights from Australia and around the world that might affect your business position, and that you are very keen to be knowledgeable about it, so you will be able to make informed business decisions on the day to day basis.

We will be focusing on the Australian market, but from time to time news from around the world may affect our economy, as you know by now: we are living in one big world economy, and when Europe is going down, China is affected and if China is affected so is Australia, and therefore, you – the business owner – must know about it now, so you will be able to adjust your day to day operation or at least, monitor the situation. 

The business world today is affected by a lot of variables, and such you must be able to understand how those parameters affect your business, so reading Business news highlight may put you one step closer to your overall goal, and that’s growth in any market condition.

So why come here and read some Business news highlights? well for starters being informed about the business world is always good, sometimes you can get good ideas for your business, sometimes it will change another business decisions you have decided to take, sometimes you will be prompt to take action now, so being informed in Business news highlight is key for your success.  

But there is more: I have a Linkedin connections from more than 40 countries around the world. that allows me to be informed of local news and events that affect the Australian market as well in real time. and as you know today’s news is key for business decisions, every event that takes place in the world can make your affect your business surrounding. 

News Highlights  

Family Energy Rebate

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Applications for the 2016-2017 rebate period close at 11pm, Thursday 15 June 2017. The Family Energy Rebate helps NSW family households with dependent children to cover the costs of their energy bills. The Family Energy...

The ATO is watching you, everywhere

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The ATO is now tapping into your social networks presence to find out if your standard of living is congruent with your “real” life.  First of all, what is the reason the ATO is doing that?...

Child Care Benefit changes 2016

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Immunisation requirements for Family Tax Benefit and child care fee assistance payments are changing The Australian Government is extending childhood immunisation arrangements for child care fee assistance – family assistance payments to increase immunisation rates of children...

Taronga Zoo

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Celebrate your 2016 birthday with us, during our Centenary! To celebrate Taronga’s first 100 years, with our supporting partner ANZ, we’re inviting everyone to spend their birthday with us at Taronga Zoo Sydney – for just...