How to buy a second hand mobile phone

second-hand phones and how to get the best deal: Why would you buy a second-hand smartphone in the first place? Today more then ever smartphone prices reach all-time records, and buying a new phone is a very expensive task. smartphone prices have reached the $1,500 and they are keeping going north. As a result, more…


How to perform a health check

Health check introduction:  Health check, unlike what Accountants and bookkeepers want you to believe is NOT a series of questions. it is not a series of checks that focus on what you think about your business. you will be asked questions that no one can answer. like: where are you now? what do you want…


Global strategy Format main page

Global strategy format main page Intreduction: The global strategy format In the upcoming test is changing. CPA Oz is going to abandon the old way completely. the way where you pre see the cases, analyse them and then guessing what the question ought to be. and answer those question hoping that the writers thought the same as you….


Global Strategy important notes

Global Strategy important notes Global Strategy important notes that will help you focus your learning to the point: You must understand the material in a way that you do not need to look at the model notes. when answering you must be able to answer without going back and forward to the manual. Time management is…