Experience the best Data Entry Solutions:

Data Entry is very important to many businesses around the world. that is because more and more companies are moving from the paper age to the digital age, and recording papers in the system are crucial for a business success. 

We focus on a Flawless end product:

-> Putting your account information under the magnifying glass and verifying that it meets the regulations;

 -> Making sure all the external environment personal contacts gets the best data and on time;

Data Entry

-> Producing outstanding reports and complementary explanation for your management team;

-> Making sure your accountant will charge you the lowest fees possible as a result of the outcome product he gets to review and Audit.

What we offer:

Fiso BAS & Bookkeeping provide outstanding DATA entry solutions for a verity of business & Private clients in many topics and industries, we make sure that our service is done in an accurate manner, fast but still we will not substitute that for anything else than an excellent end product.

We take every measure possible to make sure our end DATA entry solution product is flawless and outstanding.

DATA Entry solutions:

Our outstanding service includes typing of professional data, In addition, transcription services, we also offer services that include typing input and enter data in any format and scope of work. Typing of professional reports, academic, research, data entry, and spreadsheet files, systems management internet, websites and more.

All services typing and data entry are made by trained and undergo quality control foreman in charge to provide customers perfect product, reliable and professional. 

What do we put as a must?

  • Uncompromising while maintaining fidelity and emphasizing the meaning of the text.
  • Professionalism – every word and sentence very carefully examined;
  • Speed and a commitment to supply a perfect product accomplished while meeting short-term deadlines,         depending on customer demand.
  • Discretion – translation commitment to maintaining confidentiality transcription work,
      typing and entering sensitive data;
  • A personal response and maintaining courteous and smiling service at all stages.