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Etax and MyTax Guide

What is Etax and My Tax?Ashampoo_Snap_2015.11.07_22h25m15s_001_

Etax and mytax are the ATO FREE online tax return solutions for individuals. this software has been created by the ATO so they are

very reliable and have a very easy to use interface.

Who should use Etax or MyTax?Ashampoo_Snap_2015.11.07_22h25m34s_002_

The rule of thumb is that every individual can use them and by doing so making sure you are on the right side of the TAX Law. these tools are very handy as they have been created by the ATO with the customer point of view in mind. the entire system is easy to use, there is explanation along the way for each screen and it is easy to follow for the modern professional who can research and understands more complex information in the information age that we are well into.

How to read the Guide?

After you agreed to the terms of this page, and understood that it’s only information then you can use the Etax and MyTax Guide.  

The Etax and MyTax Guide is constructed in a posts structure according to date. you should jump to the relevant post for you if you need something specific. as you can see in this page there will be posts according to topics and those topics will be focused on parts of the screen in the ETAX software, that will enable you to compare the step you are at, to the step information in the guide. 

Etax and MyTax Guide

ETAX & MyTAX Guide  

Travel expenses – how to claim

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Travel expenses: Travel between home and work Regarding Travel expenses, it is the ATO opinion and guidelines that if you travel between your home and a place of work (and vice versa) – this expenses is...

Claims clothing expenses

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Work Related Expenses Claims clothing expenses: Claims clothing expenses is a very straight forward deduction, and as such it is very easy to follow the ATO guidelines and either agree or disagree with the guidelines,...


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ATO ETAX Guide: what is the first requirement from the ATO to use this FREE service? The first step to using this software- ATO ETAX Guide – is to register for MyGov – which is...