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Where did payroll begin:

When looking at today’s payroll & PAYG system and the ease of use they bring to the world of accounting and bookkeeping, one must think it was like that from the beginning. 

From the beginning of employment, the business needed some sort of a system to pay employees. if you will go back to the history of employment you’ll get all the way to the 14th century. 

Bookkeeping was a craft that focused mainly on sales and purchases, as there were no employees early on, there was no need to perform payroll.

The evolvement of payroll started when the business needed to record the funds needed to support the employees payment. as the years went by, the tax law and the payroll law was evolved as well, and that created the need for taking care of the payroll system within the business.

In today’s world payroll is the most significant expense a business have. the reason for that is the fact that along the years we have moved from the agriculture age to the services age. and that development meant that people are the most important resource we have. unlike the past where the other two resources: capital and land. 

PAYG & Payroll is by far the most significant expenses you’ll ever have in a business. These expenses materialise when you understand that you can’t grow your business by yourself and need trusted partners (that’s right your employees must think that they are part of something special) in order for them to commit for your success.

Our Payroll and PAYG services will focus on the need to make you inform on time about the options you got considering growing your business: how it’s going to impact your bottom line? what is ROI per employee? who you must keep, and who you must let go to maximize your overall financial business results.

 In the business world, you can only get success through people, and the best leaders know that the key for success is hiring the right people that will get your vision into reality.

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