Our services are based on our tested and proven formula that brings you awesome results every time, we believe that excellence doesn’t need to be expensive.


Our Services are unique, by the fact that you get so much added value compared with the average bookkeeper. for the same level of accounting services, you will have to pay $200-$300 an hour.

We have made a mission to ourselves. to help as many SME’s owners to reach high-level management data. this will help him understand the market and how small business is best coping with the competition in the marketplace. this information is based on the E-myth book, but not only, that was published in 1986 to help small business owner achieve their true potential

We encourage you to learn more about your market. to understand what the numbers mean to you. how to assess your competition. to build a strategy for the business. to have a strong enough why

It’s time to have a better perspective with regards to your business because the changes in the outside business environment need your immediate attention. you must react now because tomorrow might be too late.   

If you want your business to be:”build to last“, there are few things that you must do. but as we all know. the numbers tell the whole story. without the ability to understand how the numbers got into the reports. without the ability to know how we created a customer. there is no way you, the business owner, will be successful. and this is where we come and help you master your numbers like never before. we help you understand why customers are coming. we will help you perfect your system so you can get the same result over and over again.      

This is key: providing the same level of service again and again. making sure you eliminate uncertainty from the mind of your customers. if you can do that, you’le be very successful. and that is our service focus. to make sure you succeed.        

we wish for you and your business all the success in the world.