Amazing Offer for Not For Profit Organisations:

Every year we offer 5 Not for profit organisations FREE BAS and Bookkeeping services for a whole year which includes:

  • BAS Services;
  • Payroll and other statutory returns;Not For Profit
  • Assistance in preparation of schedules for Audit and other specific projects;
  • Ongoing reconciliation of key general ledger accounts across a number of jurisdictions;
  • Budgeting & forecasting;
  • Overall health check of the organisation;
  • Accounts receivable, including invoice preparation and, collections.
  • Systematic filing of accounting and payroll records;
  • Account receivable services;
  • Overall improvements suggestions.
  • GST reconciliations and preparation of monthly BAS returns;
  • Bank reconciliations across multiple jurisdictions;

Important to know:

This is a very professional service. the fact that we do the job as volunteers does not make it less valuable, sometimes volunteering demands more time, thinking outside the box, and examining more options, as budgets are very slim, and you must maximise your scarce dollars. So you will get a state of the art services, that will empower you to get even better results for your not for profit organisation.