account payable

Strategic account payable:

So what is strategic account payable anyway? in the field of account payable there are the basic operations and there is the best practices approach that focuses on getting the best adjustment for your business that gives you the superior result in the long term.

account payable

We at flawless are committed on implementing the best option that will fit your business on the one hand and get you saving money and time on the other hand. these practices include but not limited to:

  • Fraud detection and correction;
  • The Three-Way Match;
  • Payment Mechanism;
  • Preventing and monitoring duplicate payments and Other known errors;
  • Paying Lost or Missing Invoices the right way;
  • Improving the Relationship with Purchasing;
  • managing the Master Vendor Files;

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Strategic account receivable

Strategic account receivable based on the best practices in the field of account receivables and is key to many businesses success. a good sets of practices will empower the business for a better results with same resources over a long period of time.

Our commitment is to put you at the best possible position when competing in your industry. Applying these practices will give you the edge and set you up for success.

These practices include but not limited to:

Maximising your Credit from vendors for superior cash flow management;

  • Maximising the billing process;
  • Maximising the collection process to enhance cash flow success;
  • Using account receivable strategies to enlarge the bottom line;
  • Purchase Orders strategies;
  • DSO – days sales outstanding improvement;
  • Reduce Your Bad-Debt Write-Offs;
  • Enhance Customer Relations.